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Appleton Academy


Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher – Ms Helen Jones

Head of Secondary – Mrs Rachel Garlick

Head of Primary – Miss Joanne Clayton

Deputy Headteacher Secondary – Mr Mark Ayres

Deputy Headteacher Secondary – Miss Diane Whitehead

Deputy Headteacher Primary – Mrs Annette Kelly

The Senior Leadership Team can be contacted via email: info@appletonacademy.co.uk or by calling 01274 600550.

All calls made to and from the Academy are recorded for security and/or training purposes.

Please be aware that you must make an appointment if you wish to discuss issues or concerns with the SLT Team.  If you have made a formal complaint, the SLT Team will not be able to meet with you until an investigation into your concerns has been completed.  If you are raising specific issues regarding aspects of provision or teaching & learning, the SLT Team may also have to speak with colleagues before meeting with you.  Thank you for your understanding.

Heads of Year

Mrs Cathy Ashton – Head of Year 7

Miss Charlotte Young – Head of Year 8

Mrs Heidi France – Head of Year 9

Mr Matt Bellwood – Head of Year 10

Mr Simon Martin – Head of Year 11

Acting Leader for Behaviour & Attendance – Mr Dave Hirst

The Heads of Year act as the first port of call for students and parents, whether you wish to share good news about your child’s achievements inside or outside of school or if you need to raise a concern or provide information about your child’s well being.  Please call our main office on 01274 600550 if you wish to speak to a Head of Year.  Heads of Year will endeavour to speak to you at the point of contact but you may need to leave a message and wait for a call back if they are teaching.  If you would prefer to email, you can contact the Heads of Year via: info@appletonacademy.co.uk.


Appleton Academy has an experienced SEN Leadership Team, which consists of:

Mrs Kim Sutherland – Primary SEN Coordinator

Mr Robert Smith – Secondary SEN Coordinator

Mrs Charlotte Wightman – Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion and Learning Support

The SEN Team can be contacted by emailing charlotte.wightman@appletonacademy.co.uk

If your child attends Primary, you should raise concerns or discuss matters involving your child with their Class Teacher in the first instance.  This can be done when dropping off or collecting your child if the teacher is available to see you.  If not, an appointment can be made for you as soon as possible.  If you have an urgent concern that you have not been able to discuss, you can see our Parental Involvement Officer or report to our main office where staff will be happy to help.


If your child is unwell or you wish to let us know about any other issue with their attendance at school, please call our dedicated Attendance Line – 01274 421053 (calls are recorded).


If you wish to make a complaint, you should follow the procedures set out in the Complaint Policy in the first instance.  The Complaint Policy can be found in the ‘Policies’ tab of this website or we can provide you with a hard copy if you request one from the main office.

Governing Body

If you wish to contact the Chair of Governors or our Parental Governor representatives, please email the Clerk to Governors in the first instance – petertaylor@exceedacademiestrust.co.uk.  If you wish to make a complaint, please follow the procedures set out in the Complaints Policy in the first instance.  The Chair of Governors cannot consider a complaint before it has been made to the school first, or intervene or meet with parents during the course of investigations into an open complaint.


Enquiries will be managed for the Academy by the Lead Administrative Officer, Mrs Louise Stratford, who can be contacted by calling 01274 600550 or emailing info@appletonacademy.co.uk (calls are recorded).


If you would like to let us know about something we have done well or provide general feedback, please call 01274 600550 and speak to colleagues in our main office.  Alternatively, you can email comments to info@appletonacademy.co.uk.